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Sony CMOS Lens with BLUE Light
only $649

Finally a high quality inexpensive intraoral camera combined with our custom built software .
Twain imaging software guaranteed to simply work & integrate in to your imaging system.

ProCam Light



No more fogging lens, wipe the camera instead of using horrible plastic coverings that
deteriorate your photos

1 Year Warranty  + USB Cables + Camera Mount

Guaranteed Software Integration with ProCamera TWAIN Software

You must have a good TWAIN Driver to ensure integration in to your software
– this enables camera buttons, multiple photos (To import in to cloud platforms instead of one at a time!)

TWAIN Software Licenses included!

Default Monitor Selection

Set your camera software to open on the Dental Chair monitor by default, and in full screen mode every-time you open it.

If you have a desktop PC and a Dental Chair monitor, it is easier to have the image appear in front of the client and you for easier operation. Simply select Monitor 2 in settings.

Select Open Maximised, to open in full screen view also.

Dental Camera Settings

ProCamera Software will auto detect your cameras resolution, and only show supported resolutions in the drop down box.

Pro Camera Resolution

ProCamera Software is supported by the latest cloud based Software systems like Core Practice, Prakitka, and all other imaging software with TWAIN functionality. Romexis, D4W, Centuar Media Suite, Sedixes and more.

If your not sure, we can connect via TeamViewer, install our software and show you how it will work on your own system. Simply fill our our contact form and we will be in touch ASAP.

Transfer Multiple Photos in one go back to your software, no more one at a time! Easily remove unwanted photos before transfer back to your software.

Intraoral Dental Export Camera


Other brands advertise integrations, however only ProDentalCamera has a professional Twain driver for complete integration in to your imaging software – allowing for capture buttons, or keyboard buttons to snap photos – where other brands only show an image.

  • Acteon Imaging Suite,
  • Abledent,
  • Adstra,
  • AmCap,
  • Apteryx,
  • Cadi,
  • Capturelink,
  • Carestream,
  • CDR,
  • Centaur Media
  • Cleardent
  • CliniView
  • Cliosoft
  • Core Practice (Seamless Multi Snap and Upload)
  • CurveHero
  • DentalEye
  • Dental Studio Plus
  • Dentimax
  • Dentrix Ascend
  • Dentrix Image
  • Dexis
  • Dolphin Imaging
  • DomX
  • Eaglesoft
  • Easy Dental
  • EVASoft
  • ExaminePro
  • Image XL
  • Kodak
  • MiPACS
  • Mogo
  • OpenDental
  • One View
  • Patient Gallery
  • Patterson Imaging
  • Prakitka (Seamless Multi Snap and Upload)
  • ProfSuni
  • Progeny
  • QSI
  • Romexis
  • Schick
  • Sidexis 4
  • Sidexis XG
  • Software of Excellence
  • Sopro
  • Soredex
  • Sota Imaging
  • Suni
  • Tab32
  • TigerView
  • TWAIN systems
  • Visix
  • VixWin
  • XDR
  • XL Dent
  • X-Ray Studio
  • X-Ray Vision
  • XV Lite
  • XVWeb

The Perfect Camera!
Thank you for integrating this camera the second it arrived! After replacing the MouthWatch Camera with this we are able to take fantastic photos integrated properly in to our software. Much higher quality!, great support ,love it.

– Dr Andreas, Hornsby Dental

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